We Translate™   

It makes perfect sense to create texts immediately in one’s own language using the vocabulary, expressions and idioms common within an industry or product/service environment: after all we know what we want to say and to whom. The problem arises when that basic task of communicating is directed to those that don’t understand your language or what you need to say originates in another.

It is at this point that the skill of translation comes into play but in a world flooded with words what we do is much more than simple ‘conversion’ from language #1 to language #2. We specialise in:

  • Italian to most major world languages including German, Russian and Chinese
  • Italian to ‘real’ English and vice-versa
  • Literal English to good English
  • Google English to readable English
  • Italian to English and vice-versa in the IT, Mechanical Engineering & Media Industries where we have an intimate knowledge of in-industry vocabulary

You can download our Fact Sheet below for more detail or to send to a friend or colleague. To discuss a brief or fix a meeting click here or even better call us on 02 36531203.

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